Oakland Tribune Article 1942

We print, verbatim, an interview with Ben Hogan, the hottest thing in pro golf these days, following his first-round 68. It was intended for an object-lesson so’s you, too, can be a great golfer. It didn’t turn out that way, unless you can make more of this than we did:

How do you hit’em so far, Benny?
“Oh, just swing at them.”

It can’t be muscle. You don’t weigh more’n 150.
“Um-m . . . 137.”

How is it you’re so consistently good? Do you keep in training?
“I don’t know. Take pretty good care of myself.”


She here today?
“No. In San Francisco.”


Well, good luck anyway.

Hogan doesn’t use any more words than he does golf strokes. In the above interview he was ten under par for the course.

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